Gallery Clear Collection

Our premier fine art presentation is the Gallery Clear Collection. The image is printed on fine art paper–the specific type is chosen on an image-specific basis:

• Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag Fine Art Paper is a very unique product and we are very proud to be one of a select few galleries in North America using this paper in a Diasec Gallery Clear presentation. (More on the Diasec process will be explained below.) A formula that dates back to the late 1500’s in Germany, Canson Fibre Rag is made of 100% cotton and displays pigments with a richness and vividness unheard of with other and paper varieties. A small amount of texture is visible on close inspection and makes these pieces absolutely unique, with true blacks and whites and a stunning dynamic color range for everything in-between.

• Currently most of our nighttime images are presented on Kodak ENDURA Professional Metallic paper, which provides a distinctive, metallic look with a sheen unlike any other paper, this is due to actual Silver Ions embedded within the paper!  This really makes certain images jump out with a mesmerizing sparkling appearance, and the exceptional dynamic range also highlights the unique visual properties that make the images and this premier paper special. 

After the image is test-printed and approved, the final image is mounted to 1/8” acrylic on both the front and back using proprietary Diasec technology. Diasec is a patented process out of the Netherlands. What makes it so special is its optically clear, two-part bonding agent + hardener which is then activated using heat and pressure to adhere all of these components into one final piece that will NEVER delaminate- a claim that other inferior processes unfortunately cannot make. This results in a fine art piece that is fit for anything from a stylish living room or office wall, as well as a museum, as these truly archival-quality pieces are made to last for several generations. You will enjoy this piece, you can pass it down to your children, and their children and THEIR children. 

Similar to the Gallery Mount Collection, the Gallery Clear collection is also Float Mounted so it will appear to “float” 3/4” off the wall and will not require framing. The image is presented edge-to-edge with a satin finish around the perimeter. A reinforced cleat, included in every order, will ensure a quality mount to any type of wall, with drywall anchors included.

Each Gallery Clear Fine Art piece is hand-crafted right here in Colorado, and can be made to virtually any specified size.  

Gallery Clear with Satin Edge and FLoat Mount (3/4" off of wall)