Delicate Approach

I wanted to capture the smooth motion of flowing water with bright, vibrant, and serenely still foreground foliage. Finding the right combination of color, motion, and of course the overall composition was a headache to say the least- I literally scoured the landscapes of Colorado searching for it.

Bushwhacking off-trail in Colorado’s Gore Range, this spot stopped me in my tracks. I knew I’d stumbled across something special. This scene contains all the special elements I was looking for. Beyond the aesthetics, it is a very serene place, despite the mountain runoff cascading some 400’ over the edge of a cliff just a few hundred feet upstream! Even with the cacophony of the falls nearby, it felt pleasant, serene, and inviting. I wasn’t happy with my first shot here; the slower shutter I used to blur the water in the background was a tough workaround with the foreground foliage, which seemed to constantly wave in the breeze created by the falls. I packed a lunch and returned and found the same location a few days later, and enjoyed the afternoon until the light was perfect, and the breeze subsided as I hit my shutter and finally had “Delicate Approach.” Special Limited Edition of only 28 prints available.